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Serving clients in Swindon, Wiltshire, and the surrounding areas, A & D Catering Hire offer highly competitive hire prices.

Catering Supplies in Swindon

We are able provide any equipment for functions of all types and sizes, covering all of your catering hire needs. Please see our price list below for our competitive rates.

China (All prices are per item)

Plain White    
Dinner Plate 10"14pRamekin Dish 3" 14p
Dessert Plate 8"14p  
Tea Plate 6"14pRound Veg Dish 8"80p
Cereal Bowl 6"14p  
Tea Cup14pVegetable Dish with Lid£1.30
Tea Saucer14p  
White with a fine gold band   
Dinner Plate 10"15pSugar Bowl 7oz45p
Dessert Plate 8"15pCream/Milk Jug, 1/2 pint45p
Tea Plate 6"15pTea Pot, 1 1/2 pint £1.25 
Cereal/Soup Bowl15pCoffee Pot, 1 1/2pt £1.25 
Tea Cup15pButter Dish 15p
Tea Saucer 15pSauce Boat, 13oz45p
Coffee Cup Demi15pCruet Set (Empty)60p
Coffee Saucer Demi15p  

Cutlery (All prices are per item)

Kings pattern stainless steel   
Tea spoon14pFish fork 14p
Coffee spoon14pSoup spoon 14p
Dessert knife 14pServing spoon 14p
Dessert fork14pCake slice E.P.N.S (Silver plated)45p
Dessert spoon 14p  
Dinner knife 14pWedding cake knife E.P.N.S (Silver plated) £1.90
Dinner fork14p  
Fish knife14p  

Furniture (All prices are per item)

Wooden trestle table 6' x 2'£4.50
Wooden 5' round folding table£6.00
Polypropylene folding (stacking) chair, light grey metal frame£1.20

Table Linen (Price includes laundry)

Tablecloth 108" x 70" to fit trestle£6.50
Tablecloth 90" x 90" to fit 5' round£6.50
Tablecloth 110" round to fit 5' & 5'6"£8.50
Napkins 22" x 22"£1.00


Thermal jugs, 64oz (white)£2.00
Cafetieres, 6 cup (chrome)£1.80
Water boiler, 240v, 27litre (5 GAL)£10.00
Bread basket30p
Plastic serving tray, 12" x 18"50p
Non-slip waiter's tray, 14" round black £1.00
Stainless steel table number stand, 12"£1.00

Glassware (Prices are per item)

Paris goblet, 5oz14p
Paris goblet, 6 3/4 oz14p
Champagne flute, 6oz14p
Slim Jim, 6oz14p
Slim Jim, 10oz14p
Beer mug, 1/2 pint14p
Beer mug, 1 pint14p
Brandy balloon14p
Whisky tumbler14p
Sherry schooner14p
Port glass14p
Liqueur glass14p
Savoie wine glass, 8oz14p
Savoie wine glass, 12oz14p
Water jug, 1 litre50p
Sundae dish, 10oz16p
Round Ashtray20p
Punch bowl, c/w ladle£2.50
Salad bowl50p

Tableware Stainless Steel (Prices are per item)

Serving tongs50p
Oval flat, 10"£1.00
Oval flat, 14"£1.10
Oval flat, 18"£1.20
Veg dish divided, 10" oval60p
Veg dish cover, 10" oval60p
Veg dish, 20" oval£1.75
Veg dish divided, 20" oval£1.75
Waiters tray, 14" round£1.00
Ice bucket & tongs£2.50
Wine cooler/Champagne bucket£2.50
Large teapot£1.20
Large sauce pan/Stockpot£4.00
Wedding cake stand, 16" round EPNS (Silver plated)£15.00
Chafing dish£10.00
Fuel (Per can)£10.00

Request a phone call from A & D Catering Hire today for a range of top-quality catering supplies from our store in Swindon, Wiltshire.

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